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A Child and Her Grandmother

Written By: cmwhatmatters - Dec• 30•15

grandmotherMy daughter and my mother have always been really close.  They’ve always had a unique connection with one another.  From since she could walk, my mother has been teaching her how to do all sorts of things.  Every Saturday, my mom would always pick her up and take her out shopping and then go home and bake cookies.  They’ve just always been close with one another.

Now, my mother is older and isn’t able to move around quite as easily.  My daughter, who is now only 10 years old, still loves to go over to see her grandmother.  However, now, they don’t spend as much quality time together, as my daughter mainly goes to help her out with day to day chores.

Although, she still seems happy to see her grandmother, I can see that my daughter misses being able to go shopping and bake while spending time with her.

I do as much as I can to help out, but I’m often very busy on  the weekends trying to keep my own home in good shape.  Every now and then I’m able to take the two of them out to dinner and to the mall so that we’re able to spend quality time together, but it’s often hard for me to find the time.

While at work one day, a colleague told me about a service they use for their older loved one.  The service is called Seniors Helping Seniors.  They provide in-home senior care for those, just like my mother, who aren’t as able to get around as easily anymore.  I thought this was a great idea!

I spoke to my mother about the idea and she was all for it.  So I gave Seniors Helping Seniors a call and they were able to personally match my mother with a senior care helper.

I must say, having this service has really made all of our lives much easier.  My mothers’ companion is able to drive my daughter and mother to go out shopping and to the grocery store to pick up baking ingredients.  She’s also able to help out around the house, meaning my daughter is no longer the one keeping up with the chores.  She’s able to spend much more quality time with her grandmother – just like in the old days.

Car Insurance that Keeps Your Kids Safe

Written By: cmwhatmatters - Oct• 21•15

audi suv

If you own or drive a car in Raleigh or Cary NC, you are required to have auto insurance coverage, both as protection for yourself and for your family and other drivers. Car insurance, along with motorcycle insurance can pay for the cost of repairs, medical bills of you or your loved ones and other expenses that may arise as a result of an accident or a natural disaster involving your car. The right type of coverage, like what Insurance Doctor covers, will help you avoid paying for losses or damages out-of-pocket and protect your assets in case of a lawsuit.


Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

 Liability Insurance

Liability insurance provides coverage for accidents where the driver is determined to be at fault. This type of coverage offers protection to cover cost of repairs in case of damage to property, and cost of medical treatment in case of injuries that result from the accident. Most states impose a minimum requirement for liability insurance, but it is recommended that car owners carry coverage higher than the required limit for extra protection.

 Collision Coverage

Collision coverage will help pay for the cost of repairs in case of an accident. If the car is declared a total wreck, this type of coverage will pay for the value of the vehicle. Collision coverage is best for newer car models and high-value vehicles. Older or low-value cars are usually not worth the extra cost of buying collision coverage.

 Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection or PIP offers coverage for medical expenses that you and/or your passengers may incur in case you are involved in a covered accident. As a “no-fault” type of coverage, PIP will provide payment regardless of who caused the accident.

 Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is insurance coverage protection for the vehicle in case of a non-accident, such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disaster or bad weather. Comprehensive coverage can help you pay for the cost of repairs or replacement. While expensive, it can provide much-needed financial support in case of problems that may occur and is especially recommended for drivers and car owners who live or travel in areas where their vehicles are at higher risk of loss or damage.

 Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Protection

Uninsured and underinsured motorist protection is coverage specifically offered to protect drivers from other motorists who either do not have insurance or do not carry sufficient coverage to pay for the cost of loss or damage. This type of coverage can provide protection against medical expenses and lost wages. The driver and passengers will also be given coverage in case of a hit-and-run accident.


Finding Affordable Car Insurance

model by careDepending on certain factors, car insurance premiums can take a big chunk out of your regular budget. Fortunately, there are strategies for finding affordable car insurance. If you haven’t bought a policy yet, or are planning on buying a new one, compare several premium quotes from online sites. Many companies also offer discounts to car owners under certain circumstances. Older drivers (typically those 25 years old or older), for example, can enjoy lower premiums than younger drivers. There are also discounts available for those who have recently installed an anti-theft device and those who have maintained an excellent driving record. Insurance companies also offer lower premiums for new car owners and those who drive low-risk cars. There are also cheaper car insurance policies for drivers who insure multiple cars and other properties with the same company.


Finding the Right Car Insurance Company

An auto insurance company should be able to provide you with sufficient support and protection when and if you need it. To find the best insurance company, make a list of the following:

Your Wants and Needs

Understand what type of coverage you need based on your work, family, lifestyle, and preference. However, be prepared for what comes with your choice. If your main goal is to find cheap car insurance, for example, you may not get enough coverage to protect you when you need it most. Although affordable car insurance is a priority among car owners, consider your needs carefully. Cheap car insurance may seem attractive now but it may end up costing more in the future especially if you have children that you want cared for in the event of an emergency.

Reputation and Financial Capability

car inusurance policy - CopyCar insurance companies earn their good reputation by doing their job well and delivering on their promises. Ask for referrals from friends and trusted acquaintances, or look for top-rated insurance companies online and take note of their clients’ reviews. Check the company’s background and make sure they have a license to sell insurance in the state where you live. Since insurance companies have to pay their clients in case of damages, they should be financially capable as well. Check their financial standing through online sites such as AM Best and JD Power. The more information you have, the better decision you will make.

Building a Safe Daycare

Written By: cmwhatmatters - Aug• 20•15

happy 60 yr old womenI have owned many daycare centers in the past 30 years and I feel like I have seen it all. I have recently just bought a child care facility in New Tampa, FL right in the community of Pebble Creek and we are working to make everything safer for all of the children that enter our building. Our opening day is in a month and we have been coming up with some ideas to get this job done quickly as possible so we don’t have to delay the opening.

Our first step was to work on our 1 acre back play yard. It had an old outdated playhouse that we needed to replace. It’s wood was warping and splintering and the base had no compression in case of a fall. For our new playhouse, we made sure that the design had no areas where a child could fall down and hurt them selfs. It was to be constructed with plastics and recycled materials that would never rot or splinter. The material that surrounded the playground was to be composed of recycled rubbers that could take the force in case of a fall. This is the same material that is used at the bottom of rock climbing gyms. This is a whole lot safer than the standard sand base.

All of the previous wood and chain-link fence and railings were to be replaced with new vinyl fixtures. This will also new rot or wear and we don’t have to worry about as many injuries related to the previous sharp edges and splinters. The railings posts also need to be closer together to meet up with code. This is important so none of our curious kids sticks their head inside and gets stuck.

Our new daycare facility has also installed a brand new security system. It was comprised of 15 cameras that are displayed on a private network in which all of the parents can see their children at any time. All of our main entrance and exit doors have a coded number pad to get in and out as to maintain security from random people coming in and doing any harm. There is a dual entry port for anyone checking in and out their children. This allows us to better secure the facility by gathering more information from the person entering the building. In case of a fire, all of the doors are prompted to swing open and allow everyone a safe and quick exit.

With everything in place, our brand new daycare is ready to go. We hope to bring a smile to all of the families that decided to allow us to care for their children.