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Written By: cmwhatmatters - Dec• 30•15

grandmotherMy daughter and my mother have always been really close.  They’ve always had a unique connection with one another.  From since she could walk, my mother has been teaching her how to do all sorts of things.  Every Saturday, my mom would always pick her up and take her out shopping and then go home and bake cookies.  They’ve just always been close with one another.

Now, my mother is older and isn’t able to move around quite as easily.  My daughter, who is now only 10 years old, still loves to go over to see her grandmother.  However, now, they don’t spend as much quality time together, as my daughter mainly goes to help her out with day to day chores.

Although, she still seems happy to see her grandmother, I can see that my daughter misses being able to go shopping and bake while spending time with her.

I do as much as I can to help out, but I’m often very busy on  the weekends trying to keep my own home in good shape.  Every now and then I’m able to take the two of them out to dinner and to the mall so that we’re able to spend quality time together, but it’s often hard for me to find the time.

While at work one day, a colleague told me about a service they use for their older loved one.  The service is called Seniors Helping Seniors.  They provide in-home senior care for those, just like my mother, who aren’t as able to get around as easily anymore.  I thought this was a great idea!

I spoke to my mother about the idea and she was all for it.  So I gave Seniors Helping Seniors a call and they were able to personally match my mother with a senior care helper.

I must say, having this service has really made all of our lives much easier.  My mothers’ companion is able to drive my daughter and mother to go out shopping and to the grocery store to pick up baking ingredients.  She’s also able to help out around the house, meaning my daughter is no longer the one keeping up with the chores.  She’s able to spend much more quality time with her grandmother – just like in the old days.

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