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Childproofing the House

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Simple Tips for a Cleaner, Healthier Home

A clean home isn’t just more inviting and comforting – it’s also healthier. As more people suffer from allergies and asthma, indoor air pollution has become a greater concern. As we study the causes of poor air quality, the importance of maintaining a clean home has become more clear. Unfortunately, it’s equally clear that many […]

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Childproof Your Carpets

When you have children, you spend a fair amount of time making sure your home is child-proofed, but how often do you think about making sure your carpets are clean and healthy for your kids? Many people don’t think about what could be growing in their carpets before letting their toddlers crawl around on the […]

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A Child and Her Grandmother

My daughter and my mother have always been really close.  They’ve always had a unique connection with one another.  From since she could walk, my mother has been teaching her how to do all sorts of things.  Every Saturday, my mom would always pick her up and take her out shopping and then go home […]

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Car Insurance that Keeps Your Kids Safe

If you own or drive a car in Raleigh or Cary NC, you are required to have auto insurance coverage, both as protection for yourself and for your family and other drivers. Car insurance, along with motorcycle insurance can pay for the cost of repairs, medical bills of you or your loved ones and other expenses […]

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Building a Safe Daycare

I have owned many daycare centers in the past 30 years and I feel like I have seen it all. I have recently just bought a child care facility in New Tampa, FL right in the community of Pebble Creek and we are working to make everything safer for all of the children that enter […]

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