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Written By: cmwhatmatters - Jan• 20•17

When you have children, you spend a fair amount of time making sure your home is child-proofed, but how often do you think about making sure your carpets are clean and healthy for your kids? Many people don’t think about what could be growing in their carpets before letting their toddlers crawl around on the floor. The fact is there are many harmful molds and bacteria that could cause illness, especially in children, who are more susceptible to sickness than adults.

baby on floor

When child-proofing your home, it’s easy to overlook your carpets. After all they aren’t inherently dangerous, and don’t require immediate attention like the cabinets under the sink where you keep the dangerous chemicals. Nonetheless, they can be a major factor when it comes to your child’s health. When your children crawl around on the carpet, they are crawling around on everything that has been tracked into your home on the bottoms of your feet. Even if you take your shoes off inside, and vacuum regularly, there can be hidden dangers lurking in the fibers of your carpet.

Consumer vacuum cleaners are great for getting big particles of dirt off of the surface of your carpets or rugs, but they lack the power to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria that has been ground in to the carpet. If you have young children that are regularly coming in contact with your carpets, you should hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean your rugs and carpets on a semi-regular basis. Once your children are a little older, this becomes less imperative (though it’s still a good idea to get semi-annual carpet cleanings for the health of your whole family).

Having your carpets cleaned will take care of any mold that might be growing beneath the surface of your carpets. Carpet mold can be a major source of allergens in the home, causing reactions varying from runny noses, to shortness of breath. Young children are especially at risk for these symptoms, specifically from carpet mold, because they spend more time close to the floor, and put their hands near their eyes and mouths immediately after touching the floor.

kid playing on floorIt’s important to find a carpet cleaning company that uses non-toxic cleaning solutions, to be sure that your carpets are safe for your children immediately after cleaning. They won’t know the difference, so they’ll crawl around on the carpets like they normally do. It’s better to ensure that there aren’t any harsh chemicals left behind from the cleaning, than to try and corral your child for however long it takes your carpets to dry. It can also be a good idea to go with a carpet cleaning company that boasts a quick drying process, so your children can get back to playing on the floor as soon as possible.

Regular carpet cleaning will improve the overall health of your children, because they won’t be dealing with a constant state of allergens floating around your home. This is also beneficial for you, your pets, and any guests you might have over. So take the time to schedule an appointment with a carpet cleaner in your area. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your children are safe when playing on the floor, and it will make your house look and smell nice as well.

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