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Childproofing the House

Childproofing Your Home

Written By: cmwhatmatters

No one can watch their children 100% of the time. You would be surprised how many accidents happen in the course of a couple seconds. When you turn around to stir dinner or answer the phone, a determined little one can get into anything in the blink of an proofing

Childproofing your home for a new baby is essential- even before they start crawling! Not sure where to begin to keep things safe? For starters, we recommend you take a crawling tour of your home. See what different appliances and items are within reach that a baby might find appealing.

Instead of buying new furniture, appliances, or anything else that could be a hazard, find short cuts to babyproof.

  • To avoid children bumping into sharp edges, you can buy guards that latch onto the sharp area and create a smoother surface.
  • Not only could a child stick their finger in a socket, they could easily shove smaller items inside. Have an electrician install childproof outlets to prevent these issues. You could also purchase plastic plug stoppers- just be aware that kids can remove these at a certain age.
  • Put stoppers on cupboards to stop children from opening the doors. They could either swallow harmful chemicals like cleaning agents or slam their fingers.
  • Make sure there are no plants around that are harmful when ingested.
  • Put all dog food and cat litter in a room with a closed door.
  • Purchase garbage cans with childproof lids.
  • Put baby gates up around stairs and to prevent wandering.
  • Make sure that any small items that could be swallowed are well out of reach.
  • Keep things in order. Any sort of mess that is lying around could be a hazard to a curious child.

Following these steps, keeping a close eye on your baby, and talking to your friends for suggestions on their child proofing experiences can help you create a safe environment for your child.