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Childproofing the House

Fun for Kids

Written By: cmwhatmatters

Okay, so you’ve successfully childproofed your home long enough to see your little ones grow into semi functional living things. They areĀ far from independent, but at least you can look away from them for a few minutes and trust they won’t fling their extremities into an electrical socket, oven, or blade-like edge. Your job as a parent is starting to transition from keeping them alive to developing them into a human that has patience, manners, and their own passions and abilities. It’s not uncommon for parents to let their kids try anything under the sun before finding something that the child is good at or at least just likes enough to keep them happy. Here a few of the most common activities to enroll your children in:

After School Kids Activities

Soccer. While it’s not the dominating sport of choice for Americans, it’s certainly too early to think about slapping a helmet on and letting your little one run out onto the football field. Soccer is a very gender neutral sport that is fun at any age. The cost is relatively low as a pair or cleats and shin guards is just about all you need to get up and running.

Drama. Kids have the most naturally extravagant imaginations. Let them explore the depths of that creativity with acting and drama classes offered by local businesses. Normal curriculum includes things like improvisation, physical comedy, line memorization, creative writing, partner acting, and more. It’s a great way for kids to learn valuable social skills and develop their self confidence.

Musical Instruments. Proceed with caution as the instrument you choose could end up echoing through your home at volumes that cannot be ignored. Common starter instruments include the piano, guitar, and violin. Music has been proven to encourage the development of new neural pathways in the brain. It is both creative and once you get into music theory, very math intensive.

Martial Arts. This option is popular for reasons not totally understood by the writers here at cmwhatmatters, but it is something to consider nonetheless. Karate does develop self discipline and encourage physical activity. Despite what many people think, it is actually a principle to teach kids the value of finding a non-violent resolution to conflicts. Many fighting styles are defensive in nature.

Another important step is finding the best child care or day care option possible. While some schools focus on academics at a young age, others create a purely playful environment. Depending on your budget, child’s personality, and environment both of you are comfortable with, you may go in a different direction.