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Childproofing the House

My Daughter Swallowed My Ring!

Written By: cmwhatmatters

I am usually the ideal mother when it comes to child proofing. I didn’t just plug up all of my electrical sockets- I had an electrician convert them to child safe plugs. I put soft corners on all of my tables, I put all cleaners on high shelves, and I placed my trashcan inside a child safe cupboard. However, I made a mistake when it came to leaving a small object lying around. When I was washing the dishes one day, I placed my wedding rings on a stool.

Without noticing, I must have bumped into the stool and knocked the rings to the floor. Because after I placed the last dish in the dishwasher, I turned around to find my babbling daughter playing with a Barbie doll on the floor. She seemed totally fine, and my wedding ring was pushed up around the Barbie’s thigh. However, the engagement ring was nowhere to be found. I looked frantically around for about 30 minutes before coming to the conclusion that she must have swallowed it!

Fortunately, I went for quality over size when it came to my ring. My husband and I picked out a small diamond from Stevens Jewelers in Richmond VA that had excellent clarity and a beautiful cut. I feared that if the ring was any bigger, it could do some serious damage. Still panicked at the thought of a ring cutting my daughters esophagus, I rushed Amy to her pediatrician to check things out.

When I brought her to the doctor, they checked to make sure she was breathing okay, shined a flashlight down her throat, and felt her stomach to see if she felt any extreme pain. They explained that if the ring passed through her throat okay, it should pass through her stomach without damage. After confirming the incident with an x-ray, we were sure that she had swallowed the ring. It was unlikely that it would scratch her throat or her intestines since it was not in a raised setting.

There didn’t seem to be any symptoms, so the doctor told me to wait until it passed and to check her dirty diapers thoroughly. He also warned me to pay special attention to her behavior and check for any stomach discomfort or constipation. If the object didn’t pass in 3 days, I was supposed to take her back. He assured me that nature typically takes care of these things and there was little risk of any complications.

Luckily, within 2 days, I found my dirty ring while changing a diaper. It wasn’t the ring I was excited to see, I was just happy that now Amy was out of harm’s way! I immediately rinsed the ring off before boiling a pot of water and dropping it in. When I was sure it was sanitary, I took out the jewelry cleaner I purchased in anticipation and let it soak inside overnight. The next day, I had a happy baby and a clean ring back on my finger! Lesson learned: put a special bowl on the counter to hold your rings while cooking and cleaning.