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Childproofing the House

Stain Control

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How to Handle the Mess

Children are a joy, but we all know they can be extremely messy! They love eating dark colored snacks and drinking brightly colored juices. Not to mention, all of the lovely pools of drool and spit up that is inevitable with young children. Also, as all parents know, at a young age kids master the art of being sneaky enough to make a mess when you turn your head for just a second. To prepare for these emergencies, consider investing in stain proof fabric for the high traffic areas and furnishing in your household.

Couches & Chairs

In order to make sure your furniture survives everything your children are going to put it through, when purchasing your sofas, loveseats, or recliners look into those that are pre-treated with some form of stain resistant agent such as Scotchgard or another upholstery shield brand. You can purchase these from almost any store and many of them even come with money-back, guaranteed warranties. For instance, La-Z-Boy has covers that are engineered to fight stains and reduce colors from fading in the sunlight.


Carpets are another target for child-related spills. Look for fibers made out of PET polyester, Triexta, or Olefin. You may also see Olefin referred to as Polypropylene. This is the second most popular carpeting material following Nylon. Carpets composed of Olefin fibers are ideal for families with small children because they are easy to clean and resistant to mildew and moisture. In addition, it should be noted that none of these materials absorb liquids the way more traditional or softer carpets tend to. If you’re interested in learning more about what is the right carpet for your family check out “The Carpet Buyers Handbook” for everything you need to know about carpet installation and maintenance.

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Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

If purchasing new carpeting or furniture just is not in your budget right now, there are more affordable options to maintaining your existing belongings. In order to avoid further damaging any of your home fabrics it is best to call an expert carpet cleaning company to access the damages and offer their opinion on the best course of action. Most professional carpet cleaners have their own industrial machines and stain treatments to remove virtually any stain. However, you do not want to be scheduling this service too frequently. Most experts will advise you to regularly maintain your home flooring yourself with routine weekly cleanings. In addition, it is advised to schedule an appointment with a certified carpet cleaner one every six months. By following these two simple guidelines, your home carpets will stay soft and safe for your children.